Hišice and tutorials (hišica, hee/shi/tza, small house)

First day of fine weather after two long weeks. I’ve been struck at home more or less from the day I quitted my regular job, but I just enojed the feeling of having nothing to do – not really, but no one was putting me under pressure and this was so great I had to breathe in the whole thing. But both the dog and me need a good walk at least once a day, so off we went.

She is Pika (Peeka), means dot in Slovenian. When we took her from the shelter she had Daphne written on her adoption papers, but it was such a posh name for a tough girl like her, that we changed it. No one ever called her Daphne anyway, from the day she was left in the middle of a street, almost two years ago. 

On the right you can see a rare example of local shepherd’s hut. Once, well after WWI , they where a common sight in our area, now they are almost gone forever, just a pile of lime stones. This one was rebuilt by students from the University in Ljubljana. They came here with their tutors, including a visiting professor from the UK, and worked on the project during one summer. The result is a true pastirska hišica – literraly shepherd’s hut – in all its splendor. This one was quite big from the start, the others you can stil spot around are smaller. Big enough for the shepherd – the one and the only – to sit iside this structure made of stones and nothing else. In case of rain, storms or wind, he crowled inside and waited.

During the walk I tried to spot signs of the incoming Spring, but all I can find was a spot of red

The green you see is ivy so it does not count. If we talk of colour then here you have an example of the most shabby photographer of all times…. me! I was taking a pic of my lazy increasings, but only after the photo session (haha)I noticed that my nails reflected strange shades of orange, due to my habit of peeling oranges the primitive way. Poor me….

2 thoughts on “Hišice and tutorials (hišica, hee/shi/tza, small house)

  1. We called my son, Pika, when he was in the womb ;-). Such a fabulous name for your furry companion! Today I spotted my first signs of spring…a pink camellia bush in full bloom and sarcococca (sweet box) filling the air with its amazing scent. Spring always starts at the end of January here. Though I am grateful, I am also saddened by it as I love winter – which hardly happens at all here – and dread summer so much (I know, I’m a freak). The shepherd’s hut is amazing! Are there still any shepherds around to take refuge in it?

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    • So, Pika can also be a male name! I love hear story like this, because they tell a lot about how deeply we all are connected. You can build walls to the sky, you’ll never succeed in disrupt human connections. I love winter very much too, in fact I dream of a retirement somewhere in the North, Shetland???. There are no real shepherds left, I am afraid, a part from some young farmers. They don’t have the real feeling for wooly matters. They use sheep for grazing the land. Great loss of potential, I think


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