my lively kitchen

As some people say, we are what we eat. Truth. But we are what we are, so we cook in a hurry, cook from scrap, try to make kids (and adults) eat healthy food, and more times than we are ready to admit, we cook with an eye on what the feast will cost us. Be honest, we all do that! In my entire life I’ve met just one person who was sincerely fond of his big money cooking style. And guess what? He is not around any more to tell the lesson. Was it because of the truffles in and out his pasta dishes or the booze, I don’t know. All I can tell is that not a single one of his recipes has a place in my cooking  copybook, even if they were tasty and cherished among common friends.

Sad stories apart, here is one of my easy-peasy-when-you-are-busy dishes…. Pesto and mozzarella frittata.

In a bowl you mix the eggs (how many is up to you ), a TBS od flour, a splash of milk and a pinch of salt. Mix quickly and add  some pesto. Leftovers from previous day pasta dish will be great. In fact the frittata is a day after special, as an entire pesto jar is too much for one single use. With a splash of olive oil heating in your pan, you are ready. Put the egg mix into the pan and let it stay for a couple of minutes, then gently turn and stir it with a wooden spoon. At this step you rip the mozzarella in tiny bits and cover with it the almost ready frittata – a greenish scrambled mix at this point. Cook to taste. Add a pinch of paprika or peperoncino flakes and enjoy with a season salad. 


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