new everything

And so it happened. Decisions were made, the first and more important being me quitting my job. Not a proper heroic act, they actually gave me money to leave, but not an easy one either. I was an adieu to my first and for more than 25 years only love: journalism. no more shifts, no more reporting, no more stand ups, no more european conferences, no more desk job. Must add no more stress, of course, not related to the job per se, may be, but still. To make a very long story short – because no one could really bother about my office related fights, the stupidity of some new weave but well schooled reporters, the lack of fact checking, the stories people read and belive to – I said goodbye and closed the heavy glass door of my office behind me. No regrets whatsoever.

I am a little bit unemployed right now, but I have plans. The worse scenario being me acting as a Hausfrau for the next 10 years (then I’ll officially become a retired journalist), but I will do my best to avoid this option. I am creative. Alas not with dusters and mops.

So here we are. At the blog stage. You can find me at the Neolithic stage of it. First because my laptop was found by the volunteers digging the remains at Brodgar up on the Orkney. This could be the only reasonable answer to my question: why are you so slow?

This is also the reason why this first post will be so  basic. I have so much to learn…. how to make those flashing advertising pop ups drop dead, for instance… but I have time. For the first time since I was 17, I really have plenty of time.


No knitting, reading or cooking talk for this first post. I am not even sure there will be a place for you to comment. Not because I don’t want you to, just because I have to find how to operate. Any support will be welcome, any grammar/lexical correction as well. English is not my mother tongue, I am not J.K.Rowling/R.Galbraith, so help me, please.




5 thoughts on “new everything

  1. You look so adorable and happy in that photo! Congratulations on your new adventure!! I do love new chapters and can’t wait to watch your story unfold.


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